The fees for 2023/24 are:


£12,500 - Full-time Home

£25,500 - Full-time International

£20,262 - Part-time ( 3 years, 2 or Distance Learning)

Postgraduate Diploma

£16,832 - Full-time (£8,416 per year part-time)

Postgraduate Certificate

£10,088 - Full-time (£5,044 per year part-time)

Single module (CPD)

£3,080 – if assessment taken please complete a University of Manchester application form

£2,045 – if no assessment taken and attendance only please complete a University of Manchester application form

Note: When applying for a single CPD unit, please follow the instructions below:

  • Click apply online.
  • Mode of study is Postgraduate Taught.
  • Enter the academic year you wish to take your CPD unit in.
  • Filter using the word “Nuclear”
  • There are two options which you need to select from, these are:
    - PG Modular Nuclear Science & technology – part time (this is the option if you wish to complete the assessments)
    - PG Modular in Nuclear Science & Technology – attendance only – part time (this is the option if you wish to just attend the unit without the assessments)
  • Once you have completed the application, please email info.ntec@manchester.ac.uk stating which course unit you would like to complete.

Students currently undertaking a separate postgraduate programme may attend a single module for a fee of £850.

T&S costs are covered for modules held outside of your registering University up to a maximum of £2,500 for all full-time and overseas students. Please note T&S must be paid in advance and claimed back after the module attendance and can take up to 6 weeks to be refunded.

NOTE: Fees are payable annually in September. For courses lasting more than 1 year, the fee may be paid in one lump sum or by annual instalments. The annual instalment will be the same amount each year.