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One of the most frequently asked questions relating to taught Masters’ programmes, particularly those attracting students in full-time employment who may have accrued a number of years’ professional experience following completion of formal education, is ‘How much maths do I need to know?’

In order to help potential students answer this question and prepare for the programme we have developed a short on-line refresher course, designed to provide some of the fundamental mathematics required for a postgraduate course such as Nuclear Science & Technology.

However we feel this course may also be of interest to a much wider audience, either those considering undertaking other science or engineering studies or who are just wishing to refresh some aspect of higher mathematics.

To test or refresh your mathematical knowledge, click here.


As with mathematics, students planning to attend certain modules may wish to refresh their knowledge of physics.

A basic physics refresher course can be found here.

For further study or reference the IAEA has developed a module in Reactor Physics which NTEC considers ideal for preparation for the programme. This can be found at:

Other IAEA courses which may be of interest are:

Fundamentals of Thermal Hydraulics

Other relevant training material may be found at:

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The Nuclear Industry
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Download PDF A guide to getting physics-based work experience

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