Distance Learning

Semester 1 (September – January)

N01 Reactor Physics, Criticality & DesignSyllabus
N03 Radiation & Radiological ProtectionSyllabus
N04 Decommissioning, Radioactive Waste and Environmental ManagementSyllabus
N12 Reactor Thermal HydraulicsSyllabus

Semester 2 (February – June)

Due to unforeseen exceptional circumstances, the N07 – Nuclear Safety Case Development course unit will not be available in 2023-24 and 2024-25

N07 Nuclear Safety Case DevelopmentSyllabus
N10 Processing, Storage and Disposal of Nuclear WasteSyllabus
N13 Criticality Safety ManagementSyllabus
N02 Nuclear Fuel CycleSyllabus
N31 Management of the Decommissioning ProcessSyllabus
N11 Radiation ShieldingSyllabus

Distance learning programme structure

In order to permit part-time students to complete four course units in a year, course units are delivered in parallel. A student must complete 2 course units from the course units available in each semester. An illustration of the distance learning programme structure, course units and timetable is shown below.

SeptemberN01, N03, N04, N12
FebruaryN07, N10, N13, N31, N02, N11 (N07 not available in 2023/24 and 2024/25)

Timetable 2023 – 24

Course Unit Weightings 2023-24

Regarding future admissions to the distance learning programme

We have decided to remove the option to register for the MSc in Nuclear Science & Technology via distance learning for the academic year 2024-25. 

We are currently updating all of the course units that were already available via distance learning, along with converting the course units which are at present only available in-person, to standardise the format and adopt current best practice. This will allow students who are unable to attend the one-week taught course units the option of taking any eight units to complete the MSc via distance learning. The only unit that we will not be converting is N32 – Experimental Reactor Physics as this unit involves travelling to either Prague or Vienna.

This is a three-year project and we intend to have enough units ready to accept admissions for 2025-26.