How the course operates

Due to the recent changes in the General Data Protection Regulation on the 25th May 2018, we want
to explain how the MSc in Nuclear Science & Technology operates behind the scenes as this is not a
standard Masters due to offering two Universities with whom you can register with.

  • Your first decision will be where you want to register, you can apply to either The University of Manchester or The University of Sheffield. Each university adheres to their Institutional degree regulations and terms & conditions.
  • If you are successful in obtaining a place on the course, you will then register with your
    selected university in September.
  • If you register at the University of Sheffield you will also need to apply to the
    University of Manchester as a short course attendee in order to obtain a Manchester ID
    number. All course unit information, lecture notes, distance learning material and assignment
    submission are offered via the University of Manchester’s Blackboard system.
  • Administrative support relating to course unit registration, examinations, assignments and
    results will come from the NTEC team here at University of Manchester.
  • All marked exam papers and assignments will be kept here at the University of Manchester.
  • For Sheffield University registered students the only difference to the University
    of Manchester students is where you register, your final dissertation and graduation as
    these are looked after by your registering university.
  • ALL students will have an online student file here at the University of Manchester.
  • Mitigating Circumstances claims and disciplinary issues, will be dealt with by your registering
    university. In the event of a disciplinary issue involving students from different registering
    universities, the registering universities will conduct an internal investigation in the first