N07: Nuclear Safety Case Development

This unit aims to:

Provide the generic core knowledge and understanding of what constitutes a modern standards nuclear safety case, in the context of a whole plant life cycle, i.e. from design though to decommissioning.

Brief description of the unit

This unit describes the statutory framework that regulates the nuclear industry and the overriding requirement to demonstrate, through an adequate and appropriate nuclear safety case, that all hazards associated with operations are effectively managed and controlled.  It examines the fundamental building blocks of a modern standards safety case and the supporting processes and methodologies used in developing them.

Intended Learning Outcomes

Describe, and explain the reasons for, the Statutory Requirement for a nuclear safety case and associated nuclear regulation.
Describe the Nuclear Safety Case life-cycle and the rationale for such an approach with regard to the concept of ALARP.
Explain how a Nuclear Safety Case is constructed.
Employ techniques to identify hazards and assess risks and undertake a functional approach to nuclear safety case development.
Formulate a deterministic safety justification for a nuclear facility backed up by a short probabilistic safety assessment.

There is no previous timetable as the unit was not offered in 2021/22 and 2022/23